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Side Projects

Things I’ve made

In my spare time I like to code up little side projects. Recently, I’ve been trying to improve my UX workflow by creating FigJam plugins to use at work. I also have a couple of music-themed sites that I initially created in lockdown times that still get used (which is cool!).

FigJam icon, white pencil in purple square

FigJam Plugin

Sticky Tags FigJam plugin cover image
Sticky Tags FigJam plugin icon
Javascript, HTML, CSS

Sticky Tags

Sticky Tags is a text-based tagging tool designed to help you and your team speed up your research synthesis in FigJam. It implements a version of the synthesis-accelerating features currently available in Miro, including adding tags to sticky notes and automatically creating clusters of sticky notes by tag.

FigJam icon, white pencil in purple square

FigJam Plugin

Filtered Sticky Selector FigJam plugin cover image
Filtered Sticky Selector FigJam plugin icon
Javascript, HTML, CSS

Filtered Sticky Selector

Filtered Sticky Selector is a text-based selection tool designed to make it easier to filter and select sticky notes based on their content, colour and/or author. It implements the filters available in excel to remove the need to pre-filter content there before importing to FigJam.

Lyrics Searcher home page image
Javascript, HTML, CSS

Lyrics Searcher

I created this Taylor Swift Lyrics Searcher during covid (and at the start of the re-record hype!). It pulls lyrics from a json file that I populated by calling the genius API with python. The lyric tiles are coloured based on album art and the search experience is highly customisable.

In the last month (October 2023), the site had 17.5k+ visits with 23.5k+ searches made.

Lyrics Quiz home page image
Vue.js, HTML, CSS

Lyrics Quiz

I built this quiz game based off the existing code base from the lyrics searcher above. Players can select from a list of quiz types (by album or song section e.g. Choruses) and then have to guess the line based on the lines before and after. Scores are calculated by similarity and then shown in an interactive summary graph at the end.

In the last month (October 2023), 4.5k+ quizzes were completed and 11k+ were attempted on the site, with 7.5k+ visits to the home page.

Design Case Studies

Going into the archives

You won’t find my most recent professional UX work here just yet. However, I’ve kept these case studies from my university days on here in case you’re a current student looking for ✨inspo✨

zhezhi and people on red background
UX Research, UX Design, Journey Mapping, Animation

The Zen Den

A project looking at improving the museum experiences of Young Adults using emerging technologies.

white bike on green background
3D modelling, Product Design, Visual Design

adLight - Smart Bike Light

A physical computing project that takes care of simple bike safety so that cyclists can focus on the road.


Who am I?

Hello 👋 My name is Margaux, and I'm a UX designer currently working at Deloitte Digital - I also do a bit of coding, drawing and coffee-drinking on the side.

I'm always keen to meet new people and talk about all things design and tech. Catch me at a Sydney design meetup, send me an email or message me on linkedin if you'd like to chat more.