About me

I like to design and I like to code.

I really love it when I get to combine these and create something that is easy to use, looks great and works well.

I also love drumming, playing (and watching) football, laughing, making other people laugh, coffee, tennis, 3D printing and snowboarding.

As a general rule, I like to get involved.

I’ve recently finished my term as President (2019/20) of SUEDE, which stands for Sydney University Experience DEsigners. SUEDE is a society at the University of Sydney that’s driven by students passionate about the design of everyday interactions, services, and experiences. Despite being quite a new society (founded in 2017) they have a lot of keen designers in their ranks and are always looking for more members and industry collaborators!

If you’d like to learn more about who SUEDE are, what they do, or how to get involved then you can find them on Facebook or get in touch by sending them an email.

I also like meeting new people.

So get in touch - I’d love to meet you or chat!

You can add me on Linkedin or contact me via email at thwaitesmargaux@gmail.com :)